Our consept of Halal Cosmetics

① We (Halal & Natural Cosmetics Co., Ltd) are aiming at production and sale of the high-quality Japanese Halal cosmetic products which can be appriciated and satsified by Muslim female.
In spite of huge market which has 1.8 billion population in the world, Halal cosmetic is still very few and market share is only about 4% (in the year of 2013) wchih is 13 billion US dollars to the world market amount 335 billion US dollars.
No doubt,Halal certification as well as Halal corrresponding cosmetic which shouldn't have pig-derived ingredient and alcohol has been high barrier for cosmetic manufacturers including Japanese cosmetic producers.
Needless to say, the cosmetics corresponding to Halal is definitely necessary forMuslim market.
However what is important on cometic product is female can appriciate and would like to buy repeatedly even if Halal cetification is acquired , consumer isn't satisfied and no repeat is meaningless.

② Primarily, Halal cosmetic near organicity should be an excellent product compared to non-halal cosmetic sold in the market.
We are aiming at production not only for Muslim women but also for Japanese female.

③ It may be difficult to produce high-quality cosmetic in case producer sticks to raw materials which has Halal certificate acqusition due to little worldwide raw materials.
We are aiming at high-quality cosmetics of the Halal correspondence done by putting degree of lady's satisfaction first.

④ We are aiming at production even if we use raw material without halal certificate acqusition, ingredients is analyzed in detail.
Irrespective of an acqusition of a Halal certificate, on the process of manufacturing, we are definitely required to use neither alcohol nor any ingredients originated to pig.

System of Halal cosmetic production

① Halal cosmetics production in Japan needs Halal certificate acqusition by a raw material, a maunufacturing line, a product, a depot at each stage, it's difficult to produce many items of Halal cosmetics by one company due to the big investment.

② In order to solve the problem, the system to collaborate with 4 companies of the field good respectively was built under the superision of HALAL & NATURAL Co., Ltd.
It was also able to produce an excellent halal cosmetic product more than non-halal cosmetic products sold in the market.

Halal cosmetic production schedule

  Product name Type Exhibition site Exhibition date Sales date
Bathroom 3 pieces set Shampoo
Body soap
Jakarta, Indonesia Oct 14-17,2015 November,2015
Skin care product
Wudu (prayer) set
Cleansing Gel
All in One Gel
BB Cream
Tokyo Nov 25-26,2015 January,2016
Whitening Whitening Tokyo January,20-22 2March,2016